CaddyCell 18 amp-hour Lithium Battery

The better lithium battery with advanced ferro-phosphate technology.

$299 $249
Limited Time Special

Recharging Tips
Designed for 18 AH CaddyCell battery

Weighs 5 pounds.
LiFePO4 is safer and has higher power density than conventional lithium.
Recharges quickly after your round.
Controlled by Battery Management System to avoid over charging.
Small enough to fit in pocket of golf bag.
Charger is dual voltage North America 110 V / Europe 220 V.

Click on the link below for CaddyCell battery literature:
Printable CaddyCell lithium battery manual

*CaddyCell lithium battery is rain safe but cannot be fully immersed in water. If it is fully immersed, one year warranty will be voided. Warranty does not include USB port (if battery has one).