Two golfers celebrating a good shot with their Kangaroo Golfstream hands-on caddy beside them

Custom designed,
exclusively for Kangaroo Golf USA.

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When we saw this lightweight caddie introduced in 2018 in Britain, we were impressed. Its fold-up design is clever, and the integrated magnets keep it from unfolding, as you carry it home. The bag support doesn't wobble on a central tube, because bag weight is distributed to two stabilizer struts. As the British say, brilliant!

On our American courses, our sample Kangaroo Golfstream demonstrated excellent weight-and-balance character on hills, and on traverses across the slopes. On wet turf, the tires are great — made of integral-skin polyurethane foam, the same technology Kangaroo has used for many years to manufacture ultra-durable, lightweight tires in our own North Carolina factory. It became apparent this wasn't your usual cheap import, with heavy rubber tires that wear out and crack.

The motor is quiet and the compact gear-train is nicely engineered. With 45 years manufacturing experience, Kangaroo knows what can go wrong. Materials are first-rate and craftsmanship is excellent. This isn't a throw-away cart that will last only a couple or three seasons.

So we asked the British if they'd revamp their electronics and interface, to make this caddie ultra-simple to operate, for American golfers. We're happy to say our British friends went to work cheerfully on the challenge. The Kangaroo Golfstream model is ready for you, this side of the Atlantic.

High quality, great engineering, and backed by Kangaroo Golf USA's reputation for outstanding after-sale customer support from our North Carolina factory. Compare it to any other imported motorcaddie. Still need convincing? Use it on your own course, and with Kangaroo's two week money-back guarantee, you'll be well-satisfied.

With over 45 years of experience crafting well-loved electric caddies, Kangaroo Golf is your destination for the best electric caddies in the industry, made in our factory in Columbus, North Carolina. To find more information about Kangaroo Golf's other models, visit

Golfstream serial number locationEach Golfstream has a unique serial number, located behind the central strut below the hinge.

When Kangaroo sells your Kangaroo Golfstream, your caddie is warranted for 12 months from purchase date, to the original purchaser in USA or Canada, for defects in manufacture. Ordinary wear & tear from use on the golf course or in transport isn’t covered, and damage due to misuse or abuse isn’t covered by warranty. Kangaroo reserves right to require return for inspection to its North Carolina facility, at claimant’s expense, packed carefully using the original shipping carton. All claims require serial number as well as name of original purchaser. CaddyCell battery and charger are separately warrantied.