Kangaroo Golfstream

Feel the freedom.
Relax and walk your own way.

Kangaroo Golfstream caddy folding flat

Compact Design

One touch and the cart folds flatter than the main competitors.

Kangaroo Golfstream caddy's vision screen

Ultra Visible Screen

Vision Screen is easily seen even in direct sun.

Kangaroo Golfstream push button release wheel

Push-Button Release Wheels

Wheels come off with push of a button.

Kangaroo Golfstream basics

  • Quality

    Top of the line British design and engineering, customized for Kangaroo.

  • Lightweight

    The caddy is light enough to carry with ease!

Kangaroo Golfstream fold-up hands-on caddy
  • Lithium Battery

    CaddyCell lithium battery is both lightweight and capable of carrying you 18 holes!

  • Custom Speed

    Speed increments of 0.5 allow you to find the perfect speed to match your pace.

Designed in Great Britain logo
Kangaroo Golfstream gliding up a hill, being steered by the golfer