Cup holder and umbrella holder installed on Kangaroo golfstream fold-up caddy
*Koozie not included

How to install Cup and Umbrella Holders

Hardware included:
black wing nut hexagonal-head bolt
large silver metal washer
small black nylon washer

Cup holder, washers, and bolt sliding into Golfstream accessory station.

Place bolt through cup holder. Place small nylon washer and large metal washer on bolt and slide through the hole on the Golfstream accessory receptacle.

Umbrella holder and black wing nut added to bolt and cup holder on golfstream.

Place umbrella holder on opposite side and tighten black wing nut onto bolt.

The umbrella and cup holders are now installed.

Cup holder needs to be aligned with center tube when collapsing Golfstream.

Important notes: Make sure you adjust your swivel cup holder to align with the center tube when you collapse your Golfstream. If you don’t, the impact may damage your cup holder.

Be sure nothing hits or is leaning against the umbrella holder when Golfstream is stored.