Cup holder and scorecard holder installed on Kangaroo golfstream fold-up caddy

How to install Cup and Scorecard Holders

Hardware included:
silver lock nut
round head bolt for allen wrench
large silver metal washer

Tools needed:
3/16" allen wrench
1/2" wrench

Socrecard holder and bolt placed into accessory bar.

Run bolt through acesssory bar then place through Golfstream accessory receptacle.

Washer, cup holder, silver lock nut added to bolt.

Place one large metal washer, cup holder, then silver lock nut onto bolt.
Note: If plastic side of nut isn’t facing out it will not lock correctly and your cup holder may fall off during use.

Cup holder nut being tightened into place with scorecard holder on opposite side.

Using 3/16” allen wrench on the scorecard side, to keep bolt from rotating, and the 1/2” wrench on the other side to tighten nut until it is flush with the edge of the bolt.

Your cup holder and scorecard holders are now installed.

Cup holder needs to be aligned with center tube when collapsing Golfstream.

Important note: Make sure you adjust your swivel cup holder to align with the center tube when you collapse your Golfstream. If you don’t, the impact may damage your cup holder.